Car Wash Services

Over our 30-year history, the Hands On Car Wash has created over 150 jobs for people living with mental health challenges. We operate as a non-profit where all proceeds are paid to our employees.

At the Hands on Car Wash, our primary aim is to provide meaningful jobs that provide employees financial stability, positive social networks, opportunities for personal development, purpose, and an income. When you support the Hand On Car Wash with your business, you’re helping to build our community.

We’re proud to offer quality services at fair prices. We aim to offer high value car washes inside and out.

Interior Cleaning

Our interior cleaning services include wiping down of surfaces, vacuuming, mat cleaning, and interior windows. This service is designed for customers seeking a budget-friendly way to maintain a clean and presentable car interior without the cost or processes involved in full-scale car detailing.

Exterior Care

The Canadian elements can be harsh on your vehicles’ exterior. Remove paint impurities with our clay bar, clear up those foggy headlights with our headlight renewal or simply come in for routine exterior shine with our Zippy Wash!

Protective Coatings

We understand the importance of protecting your investment- that’s why we offer interior and exterior treatments. Ask us about our Sealant, leather seat treatment or our dash and tire treatment today!


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